For the victims of March 15 Massacre

“We belong to Allah and to Allah we shall return.”

As the world mourns and empathizes with the victims and survivor of March 15 massacre of Christchurch NZ, we stand united with the civilized humanity of the world in condemning this heinous attack on innocent Muslims men, women and children who were quietly offering their supplicants to the Almighty. We pray with all our hearts may Allah bless the departed souls with blessings and reward in Jannah, and provide strength and solace to the survivors. This day in history will always remind us that hate and Islamophobia is real. It has no border nor it has a face. It sees no color nor any faith. While this day has shown us another ugly face of evil, it has also taught us that such times of test and anxiety also bring out the best of us. We, the members of Belleville Muslim community, are humbled and overwhelmed with outpouring of most gracious, most kind message of love and compassion. It truly reminds us that hate and bigotry has no place in civilized society. May Allah keep us under His blessing. “You alone we worship You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help”