Prayers for the Victims of London ON hate crime

Thank you Belleville Mayor Mitch Panciuk w/ Sean Kelly, Police chief Mike Callaghan w/ Deputy Chris Barry and MPP Todd Smith for visting Belleville Masjid today to offer condolences and show solidarity and support against #racism and #Islamophobia 🙏

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Today we pray to the Almighty to bless the souls of 4 vitims of this henious hate crime that took place evening of Sunday, June 8th, in the heart of a civilized, peaceful community of London, ON.

We, the Muslim residents of Belleville are saddended, heartbroken and shaken by this vile, merciless act of terrorism that took lives of inncent human beings just because they were Muslims.

The ongoing trend of Islamophobia and violent racist attacks on Muslim communities are disturbing and concerning to all of us.

We trust local authorities and law enforcement will take this matter seriously and employ all measures necessary to ensure safety and security of our community and families while in the house of worship or on the streets.